About Us

We’re Looky Here: a video production collective ready to bring your next idea to life.

We’re in the business of stories. We work with brands and agencies to build personal connections with audiences big and small. These connections are authentic and genuine, elevating brands to the next level.

Our proven track record with small companies and global firms speaks for itself. We provide high-end video content, whatever the screen size.

We make work that catches eyes and stops thumbs in their tracks.
Work that makes an impact: visually, culturally, and commercially.

Have an idea you want to bring to life? Look no further.

We’re Friendly
We want the people that work with us to get to know us as people. We're open and honest, we don't talk with jargon.
We’re Daring
We’re not afraid to stand out. We cut through the noise to effectively share a brand message, or tell a story.
We’re Confident
We have the skills and expertise to make things happen. This confidence shines through in our work.

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