All Kinds

There’s nothing better than your pals doing impressive things. So when our friend Crónán Creagh told us about All Kinds, a curation of creative work in quarantine, we were all in.

Crónán was looking to get the project off the ground with artist Ais Brady and chose us as the media partners. So we’re creating a series of short documentaries that look at the deeper process of these artists over lockdown.

The project currently has over 100 artists involved. across a range of different disciplines. The goal is to create an online exhibition and website that represents each artist involved and the art they create. For now, watch this space. There’s some incredible work being done here.

"I have worked with Looky Here on several projects and each time has always been a very enjoyable experience. The team make it very easy for the client throughout the project and their contribution creatively, technically and logistically has always elevated the final output.

Their ability to convince ideas and maintain perspective on all the requirements throughout production is quite admirable and it has always resulted in producing great work."
Crónán Creagh
All Kinds


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