LEON Ireland

It’s no secret, we’re bona fide foodies at Looky Here. When we got wind of LEON Ireland’s mantra of “Healthy Fast Food”, we didn’t need much convincing.

We were enlisted to work with the brand to deliver a series of videos in tandem with their launch in Ireland. The LEON Ireland team were keen to show the engagement with Irish suppliers and to showcase the brand’s unique personality and tone of voice. These were key considerations when developing and delivering high concept video pieces reflecting this.

When a client has restaurants and food that looks this good, it makes our lives a whole lot easier. A battle in the studio still rages over the ever-burning question, Love burger or chargrilled chicken burger?

Stuart Fitzgerald
Managing Director
LEON Ireland
"We have worked with Looky Here since we launched LEON in Ireland in May 2019.

The creativity, professionalism and attention to detail that the Looky Here team brought to all of their LEON projects helped to tell our story in a unique and compelling way.

They have been fantastic partners and we would recommend them without hesitation. "


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